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About Us

Roof Shingles UK is a trading name of GEM Partners Ltd. We import and sell IKO roof shingles in the UK.

We started off importing roofing shingles to use on our own log cabins which we also manufacture in the UK under the trading name Astwood Log Cabins. We soon found that people were asking for bitumen roof shingles to complete other projects in their gardens, such as re-roofing sheds and garages. To meet this demand we bought in extra stock and started to sell them. Because we all have experience of using felt roof shingles on our own products we can give you lots of useful help and advice if you have any questions. We also have full technical support from IKO.

We now stock a large range of different styles and colours of roof shingles as well as a range of accessories to go with them. Orders can be anything from 1 pack to several pallets. We sell thousands of packs each year to both retail customers with their own DIY projects and offer competitive roof shingle prices to trade customers who need roof shingles for their own products.

Marine Blue Armourshield on summerhouse
Marine Blue Armourshield on summerhouse

In 2016 Roof Shingles UK moved to a bigger warehouse in Wem, Shropshire. From there we send roof shingles all over the UK using the Palletline network. We make our own pallets using recycled wood. Customers can also collect roof shingles from our warehouse as long as we know about it a few days in advance.

We first met with IKO at a trade fair. At the time we were importing roof shingles from Eastern Europe and Russia. Athough they were cheap, the quality had been a bit hit and miss and availability and deliveries were not that reliable.

IKO are the market leaders when it comes to bitumen roof shingles. They are a global company with activities in Canada and the USA as well as Europe.

After visiting the IKO manufacturing plant in Belgium we were very impressed with what we saw. As well as having a good range of products and it was obvious that everything was geared towards quality. They have entire departments dedicated to product development, testing and quality control.

IKO is a vertically integrated company. That means that they manufacture most of the materials they use in the production process. This ensures they have control over both the quality and availability of materials in the supply chain.

A new, high-tech, manufacturing plant opened in Slovakia in 2015 and all our roof shingles now come from there.

For more information about IKO roof shingles click here.

Dual Brown Armourshield Supplied By Roof Shingles UK
Dual Brown Armourshield Supplied By Roof Shingles UK