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Armourbase Pro Underlay 30m Roll


Underlay designed for use with IKO roof shingles.

Lightweight breathable membrane


Armourbase Pro Underlay For Roof Shingles 

Armourbase Pro underlay has been designed by IKO to use underneath their roofing shingles.

Armourbase Pro underlay is a is a lightweight breatheable membrane with a bitumen core. It is very easy to work with ad is similar to the underlays used on house roofs

  • 1 roll is 1m x 30m
  • 1 roll weighs 11.4kg


If you are using roof shingles for a residential or industrial project then you must use an underlay.

If you are roofing a log cabin or other garden building then you can decide if you want to use an underlay or not.

An underlay will provide a secondary barrier for your building in case there is a problem with the roof shingles, for example, they are blown off in a hurricane.

If you are roofing a shed or garden building which is just being used for storing tools, bikes etc. then it is unlikely that any serious damage would occur between the time it takes to notice the problem and the time it takes to get it sorted out. In this situation then underlay is probably not such an important factor.

If the building is going to be an office, or you are going to be keeping important equipment or expensive soft furnishings inside, then it would be more of a problem if water were to get in. In this case it is a good idea to use an underlay like Armourbase Pro.

If you are insulating your roof then we recommend that you use an underlay. The reason for this is that if there was any damage to the roof shingles, water could come in but you might not notice it because the insulation would soak it up or hide it. This could cause damage to your building without you even knowing,

Please contact us if you have any questions about Armourbase Pro underlay.

Armourbase Pro Underlay For Roof Shingles
Armourbase Pro Underlay


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