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Armourvent V Plus Roof Vent


Roof vent for IKO roof shingles

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Armourvent V Plus Roof Shingles Roof Vent

Armourvent V Plus is a ventilation product designed to be used with IKO roof shingles. The V shaped lengths are turned upside down and then nailed along the ridge of the roof. You then cover them with ridge tiles to complete the roof.

  • 1 piece is 1.22m long
  • 1 piece is 27.9cm wide


Ventilation is quite important for residential and commercial buildings because it will help to regulate the temperature and humidity of the roof area. Allowing air to circulate around your roof helps excess heat and water vapour escape and will cool down your roof in hot weather. All of this will help to extend the life of your roof and your roof shingles.

Ventilation is less important for garden buildings, garages etc. but some people still like to use it.

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Armourvent V Plus Roof Vent


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