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Flaming Red Ultra Armourshield Roofing Shingles 3m2 Pack


Unique blended colour

IKO hexagonal roof shingles

1 pack = 3m2

Includes VAT


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Armourshield roofing shingles are one of our favourite products, we even use them on our own log cabins. They are a great choice for sheds, summerhouses, garages, stables and outbuildings, especially if they are in a windy or exposed area.

They come in an attractive hexagonal design, like honeycomb, ‘Ultra’ colours feature a black shadow band which helps to give the pattern more definition and it makes them look more natural on the roof.

Armourshield roofing shingles have a layer of bitumen over 2/3 of the back of each shingle strip. When the sun comes out the bitumen heats up and helps stick the strips together. You do still need to nail them down though.

The layer of bitumen means that Armourshield perform well in strong winds. In wind tunnel tests they didn’t blow off even at 177km/h*.

Reasons to choose IKO Armourshield Roofing Shinges:

  • Bitumen layer on the back.
  • Perform well in windy areas.
  • Mid-price product.

Technical Information:

  • 1 pack will cover 3m2.
  • 1 pack weighs 27.6kg.
  • Suitable for roof pitches 15 – 90 degrees.

This product will be not be re-ordered once stocks are gone.

Our roofing shingle calculator can help you work out how many packs you need.

Flaming red ultra armourshield roofing shingles

Flaming Red is a mixture of colours. You will find red tones mixed with a bit of grey. They are a good option if you want to avoid blocks of colour.

If you are unsure about the colour please contact us to request a small sample.



Our prices include VAT.

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It is your responsibility to check the requirements for, and obtain, any necessary local authority permissions.

Both ourselves and IKO are continually trying to improve and update our products. This may mean the specifications, packaging and colours may vary slightly from what is shown. The colours in the pictures are a guideline only. We reserve the right to substitute like with like.

*This information is for guidance only. Roofing shingles may perform differently in different environments and weather conditions and also if they have not been fitted correctly. Ourselves and IKO are not liable for any under performance based on the data provided.


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