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IKO Harvard Grey Superglass Roof Shingles 3m2 Pack


IKO 3 tab roof shingles

1 pack 3m2

Includes VAT



Harvard Grey Superglass Roof Shingles 

Superglass 3 tab roof shingles come in a metre long strip with 3 rectangular tabs per strip. They are a classic design and the cheapest roof shingle we offer. They are also one of the easiest to fit making them ideal for DIY projects in the garden such as roofing sheds, summerhouses, gazebos, garages and log cabins.

Reasons to choose IKO Superglass roof shingles:

  • Classic 3 tab rectangular design
  • Quick & easy to fit
  • Economy range

Important Information:

  • 1 pack will cover 3m2
  • 1 pack weighs 28.8kg
  • Suitable for roof pitches 15 – 85 degrees


Our roof shingle calculator can help you work out how many packs you need.

Superglass roof shingles don’t have a bitumen layer on the back so you should use some Shingle Stick bitumen mastic to help them stick down, especially in the winter.


Harvard grey superglass roof shingles

Harvard grey is a lighter than slate grey and is slightly tonal with 2 different shades of granules. It is a very natural and modern colour and we think it looks good on most buildings. It is one of those colours that you really can’t go too far wrong with but perhaps it might not look its best against wood that is painted a dark brown.

If you are unsure about the colour please contact us to request a small sample.






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It is your responsibility to check the requirements for, and obtain any, necessary local authority permissions.

As both ourselves and IKO are continually trying to improve and update our products, the specifications, packaging and colours may vary slightly from what is shown. The colours in the pictures are a guideline only. We reserve the right to substitute like with like.

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