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Nails For Roofing Shingles 20mm x 1kg


1kg bag extra large headed clout nails for roof shingles, 20mm long


Nails For Roofing Shingles

  • Extra large headed clout nails
  • 20mm long
  • 1kg is enough for 10 packs roofing shingles

You will need extra large headed clout nails to fix down your roof shingles. Extra large headed clout nails are usually about 10mm in diameter. When they are nailed into the roof the large head creates a protective cover for the hole you created as the nail went in. If you use a smaller headed nail then there is less protection. A pin head nail will not provide any protection.

It is important to use nails as opposed to staples. If you use staples you have to use a lot of force to drive the staples in. This can cause them to rip the surface of the roofing shingle allowing water to get in. Also, because of the size of the staple itself, there is no protective barrier to stop water getting into the holes you created as the staple went in.

It is best to manually hammer the nails in.  When you work manually you are totally in control of the angle, how much force you use and how far you hammer the nails down. If the nails go in too far or on an angle the head of the nail will tear the surface of the shingles and allow water penetration.


You will need to measure the thickness of your roof boards before ordering nails to make sure 20mm is going to be long enough to go through 2 layers of roofing shingles and a good distance into the roof boards.

If you only have thin roof boards you might need shorter nails, you should be able to purchase these in a local DIY store.

You may need a small bag of longer nails for the ridge where you can be going through more layers of roofing shingles, again you should be able to find them in a local DIY store.


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Extra Large Headed Clout Nails For Roofing Shingles
Extra Large Headed Clout Nails

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