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Shingle Stick


Shingle Stick bitumen mastic for IKO roofing shingles


Shingle Stick For Roof Shingles

Shingle Stick is a black bitumen mastic designed by IKO and recommended for use with all their roof shingles.

  • 1 tube is 310ml and fits a standard mastic gun
  • 1 tube is enough for 2-3 packs of roofing shingles

You should definitely use Shingle Stick if:

  • Roof pitch is over 60 degrees
  • Fitting in cold weather i.e. winter
  • Windy or exposed area
  • Residential or industrial building

If you are roofing a garden building, garage or other, shall we say less important structure, and none of the above apply, the use of Shingle Stick depends on the type of shingle you are using.

Armourshield and Cambridge Xtreme roof shingles have a layer of bitumen across 2/3 of the back of each shingle strip. If you are fitting them in warm, sunny weather the bitumen will heat up and help bond the shingles together. In this case you would not necessarily need to use Shingle Stick, it would be a matter of personal preference. If you were fitting them in very cold or dull weather, where the bitumen will not be activated until the weather improves, then it might be a good idea to use some Shingle Stick.

Superglass roof shingles do not have the layer of bitumen on the back of the shingle strip. Instead they have some smaller blobs along the front where the next set of shingle strips will overlap. If you are fitting Superglass roof shingles in warm, sunny weather then it is personal preference as to whether you use the bitumen mastic as well. Otherwise you should definitely use Shingle Stick with Superglass.


Please contact us if you have any questions about Shingle Stick.

Shingle Stick For Roof Shingles
Shingle Stick

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